University of North Alabama: In November 2018, the University of North Alabama was censured after university officials took steps to remove the school's student newspaper adviser shortly after his students published a story that irked university officials. One week after the student newspaper, the Flor-Ala, published an article critical of the administration, administrators met with the adviser and students to complain about inaccuracies. Less than two weeks after that, the administration told adviser Scott Morris that his job description would be changed to require a Ph.D., which the adviser did not hold, effectively removing the adviser from his position.

Morgan State University: Censured in July 2009. Morgan State University in Baltimore, Md., was censured for its firing of the student media adviser at the school and its attempts to deny students their First Amendment rights. The board of directors of College Media Advisers voted the censure following a careful investigation by CMA into the June 30, 2009, firing of student media adviser Denise Brown.

Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland: Censure remains in effect. President and provost in power at the time are no longer at the college, nor is the adviser who was penalized, Dr. William Lawbaugh. Dr. Lawbaugh was denied a salary increase and later removed as adviser because he refused to exercises content control.

Ocean County College: Censure remains in effect because of the removal of Karen Bosley as adviser to the student newspaper for content reasons. Bosley was removed effective in spring 2006 after more than 30 years. CMA believes her removal was related to content issues and has called for her reinstatement, along with the preparation by the college of documents to protect future students and advisers. Through legal action, Bosley now has been returned to her position.




In addition, CMA has sent statements to the following schools challenging the dismissal of advisers, though censures have not been issued:

Marquette University, where adviser Tom Mueller was dismissed. CMA has challenged the process and criteria and suggested the firing may have been prompted by administration unhappiness over news stories.



Oakton Community College, where our member Dennis Polkow has been removed as adviser.



LeMoyne College: Censured in 2006, and censure removed in November of 2017 after administrative changes ushered in more supportive environment and have led to more freedoms for The Dolphin student newspaper.

St. Peter's University: Censured in 2016, and censure was removed in May 2017. St. Peter's University in Jersey City, NJ was censured for violating the spirit of the First Amendment rights of the student newspaper The Pauw Wow by removing the adviser and interfering in the publication of the paper.

Western Oregon University, Monmouth, Oregon: Censure was removed in May 2011. Western Oregon was censured after seven-year adviser Susan Wickstrom was removed after students reported about a computer security breach. CMA concluded that conditions for student media at WOU appear to have improved considerably. Reports from student journalists and others close to the student media noted that the newspaper’s relationship with WOU administrators had improved, with the administration working appropriately with the student newspaper even when it published negative stories about the university.

Barton County Community College in Kansas: Censure was removed in summer 2009. The censure was put in place after adviser Jennifer Schartz was removed from her position as adviser after refusing to prohibit students from running letters to the editor criticizing school employees.

Kansas State University: Censure was removed following a revision of policies and procedures at Kansas State. The censure originally had been imposed due to the removal of former adviser Ron Johnson for content reasons. Subsequently, the college had worked to rewrite operating procedures to protect future advisers, but succeeding court rulings have posed other problems for student journalists. The process now in place at KSU satisified CMA, and the sanction was lifted in summer 2009.

Oklahoma Baptist University in Oklahoma: Censure was removed after the current interim president, the adviser and student staff reported that students have freedom to control the content of their own newspapers, and the adviser is not being pressured to control content. Censure initially had been invoked after adviser Philip Todd’s contract was not renewed when he refused to exercise prior review or editing of the student newspaper The Bison.

Fort Valley State University in Georgia: Censured, but censure later removed after adviser won a court judgement and after college revamped its operating procedures to protect students and advisers in the future.



College of Southern Nevada, a consortium of 14 campuses near Las Vegas, where adviser Adrian Havas was removed after students wrote about reorganization of the newspaper’s reporting structure.

Montgomery College, Germantown, Maryland, where six-year adviser Stephen Newmann was removed after refusing to review the content before publication.