What Is an Adviser?

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adapted by Louis Ingelhart
  1. 1. An adviser gives advice.
  2. 2. An adviser is primarily a teacher.
  3. 3. An adviser becomes an expert in accounting, contracting and business operations.
  4. 4. An adviser becomes an expert in technology.
  5. 5. An adviser is a friendly colleague who constantly discusses the nature and functions of a newspaper, or a yearbook, or a Web site, or a magazine or broadcast media.
  6. 6. An adviser becomes knowledgeable about media law and resources usable to refute complaints, threats of legal action, or actual lawsuits requiring the assistance of qualified attorneys.
  7. 7. An adviser arranges for helpful training sessions for staff members and maintains a library of helpful books and other resources.
  8. 8. An adviser insists that complainants direct their comments to the student staff, but does not allow such persons to bluff or impose restraints upon student free expression.
  9. 9. An adviser realizes the role presents a wonderful opportunity to teach many persons about First Amendment freedoms and their desirability in the academic setting as well as all of American society. Teaching in this the largest classroom on campus will take patience and persistence, since the adviser is apt to deal with many slow learners, some of whom have faculty rank or even sit in the offices of administrators, including that of the college president or board of trustees.
  10. 10. An adviser holds the continuity keys for the excellence and performance of the media entity year after year after year.
  11. 11. An adviser urges students to develop a commitment to ethical and professional values of the best of journalism such as those expressed in the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.
  12. 12. An adviser encourages students to join with other student journalists on other campuses in efforts to strengthen student publications generally. Fortunately there are state, regional and national organizations ready and able to facilitate these efforts.
  13. 13. An adviser encourages students to choose journalism as a career, to join professional media as interns or employees, and to attend state, regional or national meetings of professional media when appropriate.
  14. 14. An adviser adheres to an advisers' code of ethical behavior in dealings with student staff members and other persons. The CMA Code of Ethics is helpful in establishing the parameters of being an ethical teacher and adviser.