The College Media Association is concerned to hear that the Oshkosh Student Association is pushing for the removal of Dr. Vincent Filak as the adviser of the Advance-Titan, due to the large deficit the paper has accrued.

“It is always troubling when government gets involved in media operations, no matter the reason,” Kelley (Callaway) Lash, CMA president, said. “My hope is the Advance-Titan is given the chance to address the issue internally first.”

CMA’s Committee for First Amendment Advocacy has started working this case. Chris Evans, the committee’s chairman, has a long history of supporting the freedom of student media, while doing so in a fair and responsible manner. He is a wonderful third party resource in situations such as this.

“We hope to learn more and work with Oshkosh students and administrators to make the college a place where student journalists feel supported in their efforts,” Evans said.

Financial matters can be complicated and are very important, but the solution can never be that the government starts controlling the operations of the media.

The CMA Code of Ethical Behavior states: “Student media must be free from all forms of external interference designed to regulate its content, including … arbitrary removal of staff members or faculty; or threats to the existence of student publications or broadcast outlets.”

College Media Association represents more than 700 college media advisers and their students and supports a free and robust student press.