Philly Shootout First Place

Rebellion: Najee Jouyner, age 15, moves with speed but grace as he performs numerous tricks at the site.

Winners have been announced for the Philly Shootout, CMA's on-site contest held at the Fall National College Media Convention. Click the links to see the winning work or see winners and all other entrants here. Congratulations to all!

FIRST PLACE — Tim Kothlow, California Baptist University (Michael Chute, adviser)

CLASS FAVORITE AND SECOND PLACE — Jamie Stricklin, University of Arkansas (Steve Wilkes, adviser)

THIRD PLACE — Matt Merchant, Kent State University (Mitch McKenney, adviser)

HONORABLE MENTION — Julie Gurrola, California Baptist University (Michael Chute, adviser)

HONORABLE MENTION — Klara Johannesen, John Brown University (Marquita Smith, adviser)

HONORABLE MENTION — Rebecca Dietrich, Slippery Rock University (Mark Zeltner, adviser)

See the full set of Shootout images here.

Thanks to the nearly 50 judges listed below, including a great variety of professional photojournalists, former college photographers and scholastic instructors and others, for their help with the contest. And huge thanks to Midwestern State University's Bradley Wilson, who runs the event at each CMA convention.

Alex Sanchez, Amy Kilpatrick, Bryan Farley, Cary Conover, Chris Gillon, Chris Lusk, Clint Smith, Darlene Bouchard, Ellen Austin, Ellen Banner, Eric Thomas, Eva Cranford, George Bridges, Jackie Dobson, Jim McNay, John Beale, Josh Merwin, Judy Walgren, Kathy Daly, Katie Buzdor, Kelby Wingert, Kelly Furnas, Kyle Grantham, Kyle Phillips, Lauren Roberts, Laurie Hansen, Leonard Whitney, Linda Barrington, Mark Zeltner, Matt Hagen, Michael Weimer, Mitch Ziegler, Patrick Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Ray Westbrook, Rex Curry, Rob Bradley, Rob Chron, Robert Nulph, Sam Oldenberg, Sam Womack, Seth Gitner, Sherri Taylor, Trey Grissom, Will McKay, William Snyder, Zach Hetrick