College Media Association, the nation’s foremost organization supporting college media programs and their advisers, was founded on the principle that freedom of expression and debate by means of a free and vigorous student media are essential to the effectiveness of an educational community in a democratic society.

We, along with our professional journalism partners, believe public media provide a forum for the expression of opinion. All opinion. The past two years of campaigning by both political party candidates have enabled the American public to witness that freedom of expression in action.

This week’s election of Donald J. Trump leaves us with concerns about the journalistic freedom of the future. Trump’s past comments and actions about and toward the press threaten that freedom of expression. His recent exclusion of journalists from his first visit to Washington as president-elect is consistent with his past comments and actions about and toward the press. These comments and actions threaten our journalistic freedom. We now call on President-elect Donald J. Trump and his administration to ensure journalists continue to function free and without fear of prosecution - as intended by our founding fathers.

But we understand we have a responsibility, as well.

Members of our organization will continue to mold, preserve and protect an ethical and educational environment in which excellent communication skills and sound journalistic practice will be learned and practiced by students. We will continue to instruct journalists of tomorrow about responsible and ethical reporting.