You asked for it and we’re delivering! College Media Association members and their students who want more training may sign up now for five online course options.

The eight-week courses are being offered thanks to a new partnership between CMA and College Media Network.

The courses, which begin September 16, are:

  • Trauma Reporting – for journalists to learn about the interpersonal and psychological effects of trauma on those in the journalism profession, their sources and the general public.
  • Newsroom Leadership – to help journalists become better leaders in their newsrooms.
  • Podcasting – to provide hands-on training with the fundamentals of podcasting, from the recording set up process to interviewing techniques to getting a podcast onto major distribution platforms.
  • Music Journalism - designed for aspiring music journalists and is based on experiential learning: that is, developing your writing skills, critical voice and networking skills by practicing them.
  • Sportswriting – focused on enhancing your reporting, interviewing and information gathering skills as they specifically relate to the modern sports landscape.

CMA President-elect Kenna Griffin will teach the Trauma Reporting and Newsroom Leadership courses, which are new offerings as part of the partnership. Griffin has been a college media adviser for nearly two decades and researches the relationship between emotional trauma, journalism professionalism and organizational support.

CMN Executive Editor Patrick Foster will teach the Podcasting, Music Journalism and Sportswriting courses, which he has taught previously. Foster has been a journalist for more than two decades and is a contributing writer for The Washington Post.

Griffin said she is excited to see the CMA/CMN partnership come to fruition with the offering of the first courses together.

“The CMA board realizes that all of our members cannot attend conventions and, even those who can, seek specialized training more than a few times an academic year. We see this partnership with CMN as a win/win,” she said. “I personally am thrilled to teach courses in two topics that I am passionate about and think will really help our membership.”

Registration for the courses is available and will remain open through September 15. Members should note their CMA affiliation on the registration form to receive a special discount.

To learn more about the courses or to register, visit