UPDATE: The Student Press Law Center has compiled a list of student newspapers that published newspapers as part of this event. The list can be found here

On Aug. 16, dozens of newspapers around the country will take to their editorial pages to address President Trump’s attacks on the news media, including his characterization of journalists as “the enemy of the people.”

College Media Association would like to encourage college and university journalists to join the effort.

“This is a chance for student journalists to add their voices to an important debate,” CMA President Chris Evans said. “It’s a historic moment, and college media outlets should be part of it.”

More than 100 professional news outlets have said that they would take part in the effort, which was initiated by The Boston Globe, according to press reports. The event is also being championed by the likes of the American Society of News Editors, the New England Newspaper and Press Association and others.

“Though this united effort occurs before many college newspapers will start publishing for the semester, those who do publish on Aug. 16 can take part,” Evans said. “And those who have yet to start printing should consider publishing their editorials online."

As an organization that represents college media advisers, CMA respects students’ First Amendment rights and would never direct students in the content of what they publish, Evans said. CMA leadership merely hope that student journalists will seize the opportunity to show leadership in their editorial pages and online by publishing messages borne out of the students’ own editorial judgment.

“Just as in professional media, journalists in college have a duty to provide leadership and seek to effect positive change in society,” he said.


CMA is a professional association of hundreds of media advisers and their students, representing some 500 colleges and universities across the country. For more information, visit collegemedia.org.