CMA is proud to share the results of the Film and Audio Festival. Winners were announced at #mediafest22 the ACP/CMA Fall National College Media Convention, held on October 29, 2022. Thank you to chair, Tom Grant, for managing the contest and producing the video.

The winners can be found below. You can also see the winning work in these videos.


  • Anna Kate Duplantis, Northwestern State University, “Anything for You”‎

Audio Creative

  • First Place: Joshua Tigges, Joshua Woolcott, and Blake McMillan, Buena Vista University, “Tell Tale Heart”‎
  • Second Place: Audio Creative‎ Staff, WOLF Radio Imagine, University of West Georgia, “Wolf Radio ‎Imagine”‎
  • Third Place: Ian Davis, Jaclyn Ortiz, Zane Hudson, Israel Mata, Cerritos College, “Tucumcari”‎

Audio Documentary

  • First Place: Yessenia Moreno, CUNY, “Health Care Proxies in the Time of COVID”‎
  • Second Place: Joshua Tigges, Buena Vista University, “The Great Retirement”‎
  • Third Place: Olivia Yates, Kyle Woodworth, EJ Snyder, Andrea Alvarado Avila, Community College of ‎Baltimore County, “Good School: The Faculty”‎

Creative Video

  • First Place: Casey Niccoli, Amarillo College, “The Takeover”‎
  • Second Place: Joshua Woolcott, Buena Vista University, “A Rip in Reality”‎
  • Third Place: Mathewson Parks, Berry College, Harold and Pearl

Best DJ Personality

  • First Place: David Damuth, Colorado State University, “Moose Crossing, DJ Moose”
  • Second Place: Rosie Rose, North Carolina State University
  • Third Place: Braylen Smith, University of West Georgia

Long Documentary

  • First Place: Joshua Tigges, Max Olsan, Clayton Van Horn, and Cody Holtgrewe, Buena Vista University, ‎‎“What Was Once Ours”‎
  • Second Place: Hannah Koch, Furman University, “Fatima's Fight”
  • Third Place: Clayton Van Horn, Buena Vista University, “Unsanctioned”

Short Documentary

  • First Place: Owen Johnson‎, Colorado State University, “Becoming Kaz Smith”‎
  • Second Place: Gavy Contreras, CUNY, “Embracing Her Femininity”
  • Third Place: Jason Bauguess, Justin Castillo, Moises Marquez, California State University Long Beach, “Dear ‎Long Beach: Sincerely, A Broke College Student”‎
  • Honorable Mention: Cam Hamer, Furman University, “Live and Learn: Patience - Episode One”‎

Video Feature Package

  • First Place: Moriah Humiston, Syracuse University, “Bocce”
  • Second Place: Kaitlyn Kempf, Baylor University
  • Third Place: Miranda Rodriguez, Texas A&M University -- San Antonio  

Video News Package

  • First Place: Danika Young, Baylor University, “False report of active shooter”‎
  • Second Place: Moriah Humiston, Syracuse University, Where do Syracuse's COVID-19 Tests Go?‎
  • Third Place: Ashley Watts, Georgia Southern University, Teal House 5K 

Video Newscast

  • First Place: Irma Saenz, Lily Celeste Reimherr Buckert, Sarah Cervera, Lanie Perez, Jose Ravelo, Stephanie ‎Rodriguez, Miranda Rodriguez, Ashley Sosa, Clarissa Martinez, Texas A&M San Antonio, ‎‎“Enlace Newscast”‎
  • Second Place: ‎219West Staff, CUNY, “219West News Magazine”‎
  • Third Place: Lariat TV staff, Baylor University, “Lariat TV Newscast”
  • Honorable Mention: BVTV crew, Buena Vista University, “BVTV News”‎

Video Sports Package

  • First Place: Nate Smith, Baylor University, No 13 Baylor Surges
  • Second Place: Trinity Knapp, Missouri Western, Softball vs Rogers State
  • Third Place: Justin Helms, Georgia Southern University