The duties of CMA elected officers are outlined in the association's bylaws and CMA Operational Policies. The rules governing the election process are included here.

This section contains information on the process for College Media Association elections, as well as an archive of past election results spanning back to 1991, with some gaps in information currently available. 

The deadline has been extended for the 2021 Board nominations. Click here to nominate and submit. The deadline to submit is Thursday, Feb. 25 at 11:59 p.m. ET. 

An Update on the 2021 Elections: 

On behalf of the elections committee, I’m writing to let you know that we will be reopening nominations for the open positions on the CMA board—president-elect, vice president for member training and vice president for member support—for the next two weeks.

Although additional nominations will be accepted for any position, we have only one confirmed candidate for the positions of president-elect and vice president for member training. The need for nominations is therefore greatest in these two categories.

If you’re interested in running, simply click this link  You can also use the link to nominate someone else. Nominees must have at least five years of continuous membership.

The deadline for new nominations is 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, Feb. 25.

Some background: Of the many talented individuals we had nominated for all positions, some did not have the five years of continuous membership required to serve while others felt the time wasn’t right for them to run. When we have only one candidate for at least one position, our operational policies require us to reopen nominations for an additional two weeks. If, after that period ends, we still have just one qualified nominee who wants to run in any given category, that candidate would run unopposed.

As a former president and current interim VP for member support, I couldn’t possibly recommend board membership highly enough. It’s an honor to be able to serve the organization in this way: to listen to our members and, from those interactions, work to develop a vision and plan of action to move CMA forward. If you want to have an impact, this is the way to do it.

The president-elect works as the liaison to all programming committees and performs outreach for new and existing partnerships. After two years in this position, the president-elect moves on to become president. The current interim president-elect is Tamara Zellars Buck.

The vice president for member training organizes and runs certifications and upcoming webinars and handles the adviser track at conventions. The current vice president for member training is Allison Bennett Dyche.

The vice president for member support coordinates and moderates confabs and serves as the board liaison to diversity and inclusion committee and the First Amendment advocacy committee in addition to working on member recruitment. The current interim vice president for member support is Chris Evans.

Chris Evans

CMA Elections Committee


According to CMA Bylaws, “The election committee shall consist of the immediate past president and at least two active members appointed by the board. The elections committee is responsible for handling the nomination and elections process, and for presenting the results to the secretary who shall certify and communicate the results to the membership.”

The officers of the corporation shall be the president, the president elect, the vice president for member training, the vice president for member support, the secretary, and the treasurer. All officers are voting members of the board of directors. They shall be active members of CMA for at least five years and have been active media advisers at the time of nomination, election and entire period of service, a fact that must be verified. The president-elect and two vice presidents shall be elected by the membership at large to serve two-year terms beginning in odd-numbered years. They may not succeed themselves. Subject to approval by the board of directors, the secretary and treasurer shall be appointed by the president for a two-year term beginning in even-numbered years. The treasurer and secretary may serve no more than two full terms in the same position.

The nominations process for president elect, the vice president for member training, and the vice president for member support will open in December and close on Feb. 1. Any current CMA member may nominate a qualified candidate and members may nominate themselves.  

By no later than Feb. 15, each person nominated will be contacted by the CMA Elections Committee to ensure the nominee understands the commitment of holding office. If the nominee agrees to run, a form requesting biographical information, organizational goals, and advising/leadership philosophy will be sent to them. Every member nominated who agrees to participate will be included on the ballot. All candidates and their applications will be posted online for review by the CMA membership in early March.

The Elections Committee Chair shall arrange a “meet the candidates” forum during CMA’s Spring National College Media Convention.

Voting for candidates will open to the membership in early April. Any candidate receiving 50 percent plus 1 of the total number of ballots cast will be declared the elected candidate. In the case that no candidate receives a 50 percent plus 1 majority, a run-off election will be conducted between the two candidates with the most votes. The run-off election will be conducted no more than two weeks following the initial election. The CMA Secretary must certify the results of all elections before the official outcome is announced.

Past election results are posted here.