You asked, and we are delivering. The Board is happy to announce that we will be bringing back a modified committee structure to help us program conventions, workshops and webinars. Based on feedback from surveys and the advisory council, we are establishing the following 15 committees.

1. Diversity & Inclusion

2. Advertising & Business

3. Photojournalism

4. Broadcast

5. Yearbook

6. Community Colleges

7. Newspaper

8. Design and Graphics

9. Magazine

10. Literary Journal

11. Media Law, Ethics and the First Amendment

12. Faith-based

13. Student Leadership

14. Digital Media/Multimedia

15. Professional development

You can sign up here.

In addition to assisting in programming, committee members may be asked to help with the following.

  • Assist in answering media or membership questions in your subject area
  • Provide an annual committee report to the board
  • Chairs will serve on the advisory committee
  • Chairs will provide updates to newsletter

We are really excited to be bringing back this opportunity for more members to get involved, and more voices to get heard. If serving on a committee doesn’t appeal to you, but you do want to get more involved, check out our other opportunities here: