Advising collegiate media is a unique career niche. Your colleagues are at other institutions spread across the country, not simply down the hall from your office or even on the same campus. College Media Association (CMA) helps connect you to other college media advisers and to professional resources.

CMA Adviser Certification Training is an in-depth training designed to help new(er) advisers get acclimated to the profession and meet valuable contacts, while giving more veteran advisers an opportunity to refresh their skills and share their expertise with newer advisers.

The core sessions — Advising 101 through Advising 203 and Law 101 for Advisers — were designed after years of adviser training and represent a broad overview of college media advising. The electives offered explore evolving areas of advising and aim to be inclusive enough to be relevant to advisers of all types of college media outlets.

In the training, we'll discuss the role of the adviser and its joys and challenges; how to recruit, train, manage, and motivate students; and the basics of a wide variety of areas, including media law and ethics, campus relationships and finances. You'll gain knowledge of how to advise collegiate media, resources for who to contact when touchy subjects come up during the course of the year and a feeling of reinvigoration for your role as an adviser.

Whether you are new to advising, working solo in your department or just need peers to connect with, we’re here for you. CMA is the place for college media advisers, and we want to make sure you get connected to your peers and that you feel welcome.

This training is entirely self-paced, so you will have from Jan 4 to Jan 15 to complete the training. There will be opportunities to get involved in live discussions throughout the two weeks.

Dates: January 4-15, 2021

Price: $200.00

Please note: The Adviser Certification Training is for CMA members only. You'll need to sign into the CMA website when you purchase the certification. You can join or renew here

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To earn the certification, attend the seven core sessions — Advising 101-203 and Law 101 for Advisers. Then you will need to select at least three elective sessions to equal 10 sessions, totaling about 10 hours, for your certificate.

We are offering four elective session options that you may choose from, or you may opt to attend all four if you'd like. Each session will be followed by a brief set of questions that you will answer to demonstrate your knowledge before you can move on to the next session. We are also offering a Roundtable for Advisers as a wrap-up, and it will be hosted live for all advisers who are participating in this winter online certification series. The Roundtable isn't mandatory, but is strongly encouraged as it's a good way to meet your fellow advisers who are participating in the training, get your questions answered, and have a virtual face-to-face with your advising peers.

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The Core Sessions 

  1. Advising 101: Introduction to Advising
  2. Advising 102: Policies & Procedures
  3. Advising 103: Budgets & Revenue
  4. Advising 201: Recruiting, Training & Retaining
  5. Advising 202: Relationships on Campus
  6. Advising 203: Connecting with Resources
  7. Law 101 for Advisers

The Elective Sessions

  1. Creating Multimedia Content with Audience in Mind
  2. Putting the Sacred Cow Out to Pasture 
  3. Setting Your Ethical Compass
  4. Inclusion in Advising 

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