Thank you, speakers

Thanks for volunteering to train the next generation of journalists and media leaders. Here are answers to some questions we’re asked each year. If we didn’t tell you something you need to know, check in with your NYC14 contact (likely the same person who pointed you to this link) or email CMA’s Lori Brooks.

When and where is my session?

Your NYC14 contact has likely shared your session time. You can review the entire schedule here. It's also on the NYC14 app, which you can download or review via desktop here.

Where do I go to check in?

Professionals: We'll have a speaker check-in near convention registration in Metro West at the Sheraton New York. You’ll pick up your nametag there, and volunteers can show you where your room is on a map. They’ll also answer your A/V questions or take you to someone who can.

Advisers and students: You’ll get all you need when you pick up your convention packet at registration in the Metro West. (All speakers who are attending the convention — i.e. aren’t New York-area professionals — are required to register.)

What time should I get there?

Ideally, at least 30 minutes before you go on. Especially if you have A/V needs — see below. Sessions end 10 minutes before the next one is scheduled to begin, so you’ll want to be outside your room and ready to start plugging in.

What are my A/V options?

Most rooms with A/V setups have a projector for you to hook your laptop up to, if you're using one. CMA IS NOT PROVIDING LAPTOPS. If you bring a PC, no problem. Just plug and play.
 If you bring a Mac, make sure you have the proper adapter that allows your laptop to plug into the projector.  These change with each generation of Mac, so double-check yours. Review the various kinds here.

What about Internet?

Only a handful of our 20+ meeting rooms will have Internet access. (Your NYC14 contact will know if yours is one of those.) Plus, hotel Internet is often notoriously slow, and nothing grinds a presentation to a halt like a slow-loading web page.
 Many of our speakers – including the NYC14 staffers who speak – take screenshots of web pages and make them into slides using basic photo-editing programs. It really speeds things up, and it means you don’t have to exit PowerPoint or Keynote for your presentations. We urge you to do this.

Anything else?

Encourage students to evaluate the sessions they attend. Each session can be reviewed within the app. Within the schedule, attendees just go to the listing for that particular session. At the top is a “take a survey for this event” link.

If you can, bring business cards and copies of your presentations. Attendees will fight tooth and nail to get these. Many will ask you to put your presentation on a drive for them, and if you’re comfortable with that, please do so. They’ll share it with their staffs back home. If you can spare half an hour or so after, a crowd will follow you out the door of your room to ask questions and schmooze a little. We’d love for you to spend time with them, if you can. (And please be sure to take it out of your room — another speaker is likely trying to get started.)

Day-of questions?

Registration and speaker check-in will be staffed with folks who can help you. We’ll also have on-site A/V help.