10 Steps For Creating A Formidable College Newspaper: Trying to get a newspaper off the ground? Reviving a dead publication? Follow these 10 steps -- from running weekly meetings with story ideas to how to wisely spend your budget  -- to build yourself a respectable and professional college newspaper. Learn from an adviser who's been there and resurrected a defunct newspaper, now an award-winning print and online publication. Michael Perrota, Mercy College                                                                

A Documentary Storytelling Skillset: Learn how a strong multimedia documentary skillset translates into work across several fields, including academia, nonprofits and advertising. The speaker, a multimedia producer and strategist, will explain the role of storytelling in her work, including experiences as a writer, radio news intern and production intern with StoryCorps. Allegra Oxborough, Design & Acquisition

Advertising 101: Need help selling ads? Let's start from the very beginning with the basics of print and online advertising. Learn the jargon and how to set prices and get started selling ads. Brad Arendt, Boise State University        

Advertising and Sales Roundtable: How do you motivate your sales staff? Create promotional campaigns to draw in new advertisers? Replace disappearing (if not already gone) national revenue? How important are metrics and readerships? Join sales managers, account execs, advisers and others looking to share advertising and revenue success stories (or vent among peers) in this open discussion.  Alexandria Paulinho, Bloomsburg University         

Advertising and the Art of Communication: Advertising legend Bill Bernbach said, "You won't be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly." See how advertising can be both artful and effective with an advertising pro who has worked on a variety of accounts, including Volvo, Charles Schwab and Napa Auto Parts. Jennifer Perry, Publicis Kaplan Thale         

Creating a Marketing Team for Student Media: Let's renovate the way we generate revenue. Does it only come through print ads, online ads or underwriting? And let's renovate the way we operate. Could student media consist of more than just editorial, broadcast, and advertising teams? And create opportunities for students to gain experience in administration, marketing, design, sales and more? Hear what's been working at Kennesaw State, and walk away with ideas of your own! Amie Mowrey, Kennesaw State University                                        

Dealing With Difficult Advertisers Despite your best efforts, sometimes you just can't make an advertiser happy. Sometimes clients complain to score a discount, while other times it's as if they are berating you for sport. If a minority of your advertisers drain the majority of your time and mental energy, is it worth holding onto them? Vent about your worst clients -- and brainstorm possible solutions -- in this interactive session led by a publisher who launched a newsstand magazine in 2011 that has doubled advertising revenue with each issue.  Laura Ward, Adirondack Weddings, SUNY Plattsburgh           

Geeking on Google Analytics: Go beyond page views and how people get to your site. We'll venture in-depth with Google Analytics, and you'll discover how to better understand the information at your fingertips. Brad Arendt, Boise State University 

Legal Issues and Digital Media: Anyone with a website, social-media presence or an app should know the legal issues involved in producing media for digital platforms. Copyright, licensing, advertising, contracts: There's a lot of information you need to know so your digital operation doesn't get you into legal hot water. The man behind Broadcast Law Blog will offer invaluable expertise on many of the issues that arise for digital media operations. David Oxenford, Wilkinson, Barker, Knauer LLP           

Libel Law: What Not to Say: Learn the fundamentals of libel law and best practices to avoid liability in the industry, a must for anyone creating content for multiple platforms. The speaker, a former broadcast journalist and lawyer, teaches journalism and communications law. Rebecca Taylor, Siena College                                     

Network and Freelance Your Way to Work: Refining your resume can only take you so far. Learn and put into practice tools for building your personal and professional networks to take you from unemployed to steady work, and keep you there. Allegra Oxborough, Design & Acquisition

Never Use Comic Sans. Never. Ever. Type is all around us. Good type. Bad type. Learn what sets the good, the bad and the ugly apart. Your guide has worked for more than nine years in leading global advertising agencies developing and producing concepts for digital, print and TV. Jennifer Perry, Publicis Kaplan Thale           

Niche Publications on Campus: a Shared Editorial-Advertorial Mission? When it comes to newspapers, we all know it'' never OK to promise editorial coverage to an advertising client in order to get their business. But do those rules apply to special niche sections on food or fashion? Is it ever ethical to cover your advertisers simply because they advertise -- or at all? We'll take a look at all sides of the issue in this interactive session led by a professor of journalism ethics who also publishes a niche magazine. Laura Ward, Adirondack Weddings, SUNY Plattsburgh                              

Out of the Purple Haze and Rolling in the Green: Marijuana and Student Newspaper: The Seattle cops gave out bags of Doritos at this year's annual Hemp Fest: Times have changed. Now it's not just High Times covering the business of pot, but college media. Sour diesel sale, superstores with shopping carts, re-purposed dental tools, dabz, organic, public safety laws, nanograms, and more, including editorial content and revenue streams for student newspapers. Do you want color in that ad? Bonne Smith, Peninsula College

Shaking Off the Dust: After a decade or more of no real significant changes to your newspaper, how do you even get started on the rebranding process? The staff and adviser of The Appalachian will talk about how and why they decided to rebrand their print product, their website and their social media presence and what they've learned along the way. Allison Bennett Dyche and students, Appalachian State University

Show Me the $$$: Raising Cash to Pay for Stuff (Like Trips to CMA): You're selling ads, but after printing costs, there's just not much money left. Sound familiar? Learn and share fun and easy ways to raise money by organizing events and coordinating sales so you can purchase those much-needed supplies, host a staff retreat or get to the next CMA conference! Lindsey Wotanis, Ann Williams and Lindsey Matylewicz, Marywood University           

Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest! We all know we (and our readers) spend WAY too much of our free time perusing these sites. Use social media to reach out to your readership. Learn the latest apps and tools to keep your publication's social media on the cutting edge. Katie Schlientz, Bruckner Design         

Step Away From the Mouse: Every great design started on a whiskey-stained napkin at a bar in the Lower East Side. It's time to go back to the basics and find how to put these principles into every day designing. Join this young design professional to transform garbage into cutting-edge pieces for your portfolio. Bring your favorite pen, and I'll bring the napkins -- we're totally gonna meet this deadline. Christopher Hardgrove, Niche Media Productions

Swag Swap: You've got cool stickers, buttons, ping pong balls, stadium cups, pens, canteens, pith helmets, throw pillows ... you get the idea. Bring your best promo stuff and swap it out for cool stuff from other college media outlets. We'll also share stories about which promotional items work and why, compare vendor success and horror stories and discuss how your swag is, or should be, a reflection of your media outlet.  Jim Hayes, Vanderbilt University and College Media Association                                             

Turbocharging InDesign: To design and produce print media, you need to know InDesign, in and out. Learn tips to make your hands move your mouse and fly over your keyboard as quickly as your mind comes up with ideas. The man who wrote the course on working faster and smarter in the software will show you how, for print and mobile. Joseph Caserto, Joseph Caserto Art Direction + Design                                                       

We Design With a Little Help From Our Friends: Whether you're a novice at design or a veteran graphic artist, it's always a good idea to study ideas from professional publications and adapt those ideas in your publication. See how the professional designers create beautiful ads and double-page spreads in magazines and use them as inspirations for your publications. Laura Schaub, Lifetouch                                       

Weirdest Ways to Get the Sale: When it comes to approaching prospective advertisers, a one-size-fits-all method just doesn't apply. For better or worse, success in sales is as much about psychology as it is about the product you're selling. The publisher of a nationally acclaimed newsstand magazine will lead this interactive discussion on strategies to get the sale, from "tried and true" to "I can't believe that worked!" Laura Ward, Adirondack Weddings, SUNY Plattsburgh                                          

What You Must Know About the Business of Media: Paywalls, e-commerce, monetization. Take it from a recent president of the national Associated Press Media Editors: Understanding the business may be critical for your success. The speaker, a former reporter who now is executive editor at Asbury Park Press and oversees a Gannett design hub, will give you a rundown of the dollars and cents and take your business and career questions. Hollis Towns, Asbury Park Press