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College Media Association: Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Fame

The John A. Boyd Hall of Fame

This is the most prestigious honor given by CMA, recognizing longtime members whose dedication, commitment and sacrifice have contributed to the betterment and value of student media programs of both the campus and nation.

It also pays tribute to members who have devoted extensive and varied service on committees, the board of directors and other leadership roles and have presented insightful, relevant and well-prepared programs and sessions.

Those considered for this award must have contributed to college journalism education for 20 years or more while being active member of CMA. Recipients will have served as role models and mentors for both students and colleagues, been steadfast in their support for freedom of expression in the student media and willing to assume some risk in defense of that support, consistently supported the codes of ethics of CMA and other related professional associations and been trendsetters in setting standards of excellence and achievement by which other advisers can measure their efforts. The Hall of Fame committee identifies those who are eligible.

The HOF committee will review the nominations and will choose nominees. Download the nomination kit here.

CMA Hall of Fame Members

David Adams, 1997 

Robert Adams, 2006 

Karen Bosley, 2007 

John A. Boyd, 1994 

Chris Carroll, 2009 

Jan Childress, 2006 

J. William Click, 1994 

Nancy Green, 1994 

Les Hyder, 1997 

Louis Ingelhart, 1994 

Ron Johnson, 2012

David L. Knott, 1999 

Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver, 1994 

Wayne J. Maikranz, 2008 

Lesley W. Marcello, 1996

Kathy Lawrence McCarty, 2010

Reid H. Montgomery Sr., 1994

William Neville III, 2011

Linda C. Owens, 2005 

Marilyn Peterson, 1994 

Dario Politella, 1994 

Linda Puntney, 2001 

John David Reed, 1996 

Nils Rosdahl, 2012

Ken Rosenauer, 2003 

John M. Ryan, 2008 

Arthur M. Sanderson, 1994 

Trum Simmons, 2005 

Stacy Sparks, 2015

Ronald E. Spielberger, 1998 

James Tidwell, 2011

Nancy White, 2001 

Laura Widmer, 2003

Mark Witherspoon, 2010

 Download the nomination kit here.