College Media Association (CMA) is committed to purposefully developing diverse and inclusive membership, leadership, programming, research and creative scholarship.

We value creating an open and welcoming space for members and invited guests by respecting individuals’ identities, cultures and lived experiences throughout CMA and its services.

As an organization, CMA believes a more diverse membership with rich, conducive and authentic contributions is pivotal in fostering an inclusive and equitable culture and successful collaborations. Therefore:

1. CMA will actively recruit and incorporate membership for underrepresented and historically marginalized populations and groups.

2. Members shall not be discriminated against by virtue of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, institution, color, religion, national origin, disability or political affiliation.

3. Members shall not engage in or tolerate any other form of identity-based discrimination or harassment. Members shall acknowledge and respect how individuals elect to be addressed, including their pronouns or titles in communications.

4. Members shall value and embrace individual rights to freedom of speech and expression, while acknowledging the responsibilities that accompany free speech and expression relating to identity-based issues, when engaging in dialogue with other members and all of CMA. Members shall minimize harm whenever possible and acknowledge their obligation to mitigate or be held responsible for harm caused.

5. Members shall examine the powers and privileges afforded by their identities and commit to dismantling structures, policies and practices that reinforce inequitable outcomes.

6. Members shall engage in collegial discourse free from tone policing toward members of underrepresented and historically marginalized populations and groups in regards to those communities’ concerns.

7. Members shall commit to expanding their professional development regarding diversity, inclusion and equity as well as the holistic growth and care of the students with whom they work.

8. Organizational opportunities for growth, such as participation and leadership in committees and subcommittees, serving on panels, presenting research and creative scholarship, and expansion of existing duties/roles within CMA, will be afforded to all members, regardless of position, tenure or identity. CMA commits to providing open access to members for these opportunities.

9. Research and creative scholarship in CMA publications will be encouraged to highlight current trends, issues and cases within diversity, inclusion and representation in media.


To strive for full diversity, inclusion and representation in CMA, we recognize these aforementioned aspects are a continual work in progress.

We aim to consistently work on current and future goals, ideas and perspectives to achieve these aspirations, and commit ourselves to constantly challenging our biases and recognizing different cultures, values and identities. Therefore, CMA pledges to itself and its members to continually and purposefully aspire toward diverse and inclusive membership, leadership, programming, research and creative scholarship to support student media programs and their advisers.